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Dogecoin mining by playing games with the Dogecoin infrastructure. Get $100 Dogecoin investment as a gift for your first register.

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7,329,696 DOGE

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2,221,120 DOGE

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7,396,330 MH/s

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Frequently Asked Questions @

With, a new generation and highly profitable game investing, you can mine Dogecoin without any knowledge. With its easy and understandable structure, is a subsidiary of Mega Assets Gaming GmbH, headquartered in Frankfurt / Deutschland. gives $100 worth of Dogecoin mining package to all new members. You can earn your earnings by logging into your account every day and invest in top mining packages if you wish. According to the investment package you have, you can earn daily and withdraw all your earnings to your wallet daily with Dogecoin.

We create large and costly Dogecoin mining pools with common securities of all investors and reflect daily earnings to your accounts. In this way, we offer the opportunity to earn 25 times more and free income compared to normal mining.

Yes! is a legal digital asset management firm headquartered in Frankfurt / Deutsch. All your investments have the right to return unconditionally within 30 days.

When you register, the first mining house is assigned to your account for free. You can get your daily earnings over $100 by logging in every day and withdraw your money when you reach the minimum withdrawal limit.

You can contact the Support center by clicking the Support icon at the bottom left of the game screen. You can also send an Email to this support team from the email address you have registered [email protected]

If you have not made an investment and are only running the game with a free balance; Yes! You have to log in every day.
If you have invested in any house, your daily earnings will be automatically defined each day. However, you can still log in to the game and click the "collect my daily earnings" button and you can earn your earnings yourself.

No. You can log in to the game at any time and collect your earnings.

You can invest by purchasing a doge house. You earn guaranteed and secured earnings for the life and ROI of your character. After logging in, you can invest in any doge house you want from the "house investment" screen under your area.

After logging into your account, you will see your current DOGE balance on the game screen. You can request withdrawal by clicking on your balance. If you write the relevant wallet address and amount correctly, your withdrawal request will be confirmed within 24 hours. You can withdraw money daily. You can shoot at least 100 DOGE and maximum 100,000 DOGE at one time.

We do not recommend that you invest less or more than it should be. Please try to pay the full amount you were told. However, in some cases (for example, exchanges transaction fees) you may have made an underpayment. In this case, the transaction amount is calculated and your investment is defined in your account over this amount. You continue to earn in proportion to the amount deposited.

Yes! You can get an unconditional refund within 30 days after you invest as your legal right. For this, you must send an e-mail to the package you want to return, the type of wallet you want to return to, and the wallet address. [email protected]
If a money is withdrawn after the investment, the relevant amount will be deducted from the refund amount.

For every friend you get a $2.5 investment bonus. This adds to your "Free Doge House" investment, which is gifted to you when you first sign up for the game.

With affiliate, your earnings do not have an upper end. You can earn unlimited earnings and withdraw money as long as you follow the rules.

Investment Payment
Depending on the affiliate level you are involved in, the investment bonus you earn between 10% and 25% is added to your withdrawable balance. You earn a net profit of 10% to 25% compared to the investment amount made by the person you invite.

$2.5 Invitation bonus
You can earn in proportion to the affiliate level you are involved in and the number of sub-members. You can view the details by clicking on the "Baby Doge Free" character in the game.

Affiliate level 1 (%10): $2.5 investment bonus for each friend you invite earns you 0.20% DOGE per day. For 2500 and above, you earn 10 fixed DOGE per day.
Affiliate level 2 (%15): $3 investment bonus for each friend you invite earns you 0.20% DOGE per day. For 15000 and above, you earn 60 fixed DOGE per day.
Affiliate level 3 (%25): $3.5 investment bonus for each friend you invite earns you 0.20% DOGE per day. For 25000 and above, you earn 100 fixed DOGE per day.

You will earn Affiliate earnings at least 10% and up to 25% in proportion to your affiliate rank. The amount you earn from your friend's investment is added to your withdrawable balance and you can create a withdrawal request.

Due to the return conditions, your investing friend can request a refund within 30 days. To avoid confusion, your affiliate earnings will be suspended for 30 days. This will not affect your $2.5 earnings for each registered user.

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